• Matt Hisle

COVID musings 7

Will the lockdown and extended re-opening create new social norms for business?

Will we no longer greet each other with a handshake, but rather with a namaste greeting, or a Vulcan Live Long and Prosper, or the circular hand motions from Demolition Man?

Will not wearing a mask become an HR issue, or subject to social shaming?

Will requests for in person meetings be considered old fashioned and passe, a sign of a bygone era? "OK, Boomer"

Will large corporate meetings, retreats and conferences become rare? I personally think that small group or team meetings up to 13 people* will continue to happen, but in a more isolated environment (such as a retreat location) and as an occassional relief to an all virtual meeting environment.

What will this do to large conference and convention centers? I would probably be shorting convention center finance bonds right now.

*I think Jesus had it right with limiting the number of disciples to 12. Meetings larger than that rapidly become uncontrollable.#oldfashioned#covid#greetings#socialnorms



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