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COVID Musings 10

More about digital transformation in government.

Clearly, we have all learned that the existing IT systems are a disaster. Who will be the leaders to help transform things?

I believe that a lot can be done closer to home. In the cities and counties and local non-profits. These are ripe for innovation and digital transformation, and those projects will set the stage for more.

First, every single piece of paper needs to be moved to a digital form, and the public facing part of the interaction should be available online as well as in person.

Second, all work processes need to be re-engineered to take advantage of new technologies, and digital transformation.

Last, an overriding focus on security will be needed. If all information is available in digital form, the government has an obligation to keep it safe.

So, my recommendations is to start local. Look for those easy projects where 20% of the effort gets you 80% of the results. But have a long term plan to move entirely digital in no more than 3 years.

The next virus, pandemic or natural disaster awaits

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