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COVID Musings 6

Potential Impacts on the nature of work and managing employees. With an increasing trend towards WFH, the challenge of managing employees will be different than before. No longer can managers and supervisors "look over the shoulder" to see how people are doing. Some may not be able to break this habit and adopt a Big Brother attitude, monitoring key strokes, and audio and video feeds. But this approach will simply perpetuate a failed management model. WFH will accelerate the trend to measuring performance and success, versus measuring time spent in the office. This will require managers and companies to develop a clear picture of what exactly is expected of each employee, and what measure will be used to determine performance and achievement. Merely trying to define what employees should be doing with their time, and prioritizing that, along with tangible measures, will result in significant shifts in thinking by management, which then will also lead to appropriate rewards or punishment. Remember "An Organization Elicits the Behavior It Rewards", so each organization will need to evaluate what behavior they actually want. #management #leadership #workfromhome #covid

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