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COVID Musings 4

Time to talk about real estate.

Back in the 90's I was a national thought leader on telecommuting and alternate office strategies, speaking and publishing on this topic throughout the country. At the time, there were significant independent studies that showed the advantage of telecommuting for not just real estate but for overall productivity, diversity of hiring, etc. But hardly anyone paid attention, because going to the office had been done for hundreds of years.

What the lockdowns have done is create a singularity in the concept of work. We have been forced to look at what work is, how it is done, where it is done, and how to manage new paradigms.

I believe this will lead to radical changes in the use of real estate, but the real change will be in re-thinking the structure, objective and process of work. More tomorrow...#diversityandinclusion#telecommute#alternativeoffice#officespacereduction#efficiency

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